Consumers with positive attitudes toward health, fitness and wellbeing are increasingly seeking natural and minimally processed foods with ingredients that promote good health – hello NuVitality.

Launched to Australia in 2016, NuVitality is a response to an opportunity to reinvigorate the health food category with an extensive wholefoods product offering.

Delivering a one-stop solution, the NuVitality range comprises more than 50 health food options across multiple categories including nuts, seeds, grains and meals such as almonds, linseed and walnuts as well as popular superfoods including goji berries, quinoa, teff and chia seeds. These also include gluten free options and low carbohydrate products with no added sugar.

NuVitality delivers nutrient rich foods in simple and honest forms while ensuring all products comprise only the most natural ingredients with minimal processing.

Proudly Australian made, NuVitality products are available from independent grocers and health food shops Australia wide.

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