Carbon & Energy Management

Orchards & energy

We operate in an emissions intensive industry, with energy consumption one of the most significant inputs into growing and processing almonds. Our farming operations are responsible for the majority of our carbon footprint, this prompted us to perform an assessment to help us identify and quantify our emission profile at each of our orchards.

Assessment results

These assessments are the basis of our emissions reduction strategy at an orchard level. This has resulted in more awareness of our emission profile and has encouraged us to consult broadly with industry and form partnerships with well recognised research bodies focused on improving soil and farming efficiencies.

H2E power station

In FY2020 the Hull-to-Energy (H2E) co- generation facility located at Carina West continued to provide energy to the Carina West operations facility and the neighbouring Carina orchard, with excess renewable energy supplied into the local grid. The H2E facility has delivered an approximate 27.5% reduction in scope 2 emissions.

The co-generation power station at Carina West.

H2E Co-Generation Power Station


The co-generation power station is an integral link, bringing together several sustainability initiatives through waste recycling, compost generation as well as carbon neutral power

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