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Challenges and opportunities

The risks, challenges and opportunities that climate change is likely to present our business are continually evolving.

Operating in the agriculture sector primarily, we are both a contributor to, and affected by, the physical and transitional impacts of climate change.

Science based outlook

We accept the science of climate change and the Paris Agreement which commits to hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C, relative to the pre-industrial period.

Local impact

While the issue of climate change is worldwide, the impact is felt by people in the communities where we live and work in the form of severe weather (i.e. frost or drought), rising temperatures, water supply shortages, water demand increases and cost of water - all of which affect our operations, employees, communities and human health.

Understanding maturing

We are looking to explore the financial implications of climate change on our business in future periods as awareness and maturity of understanding develops on this topic.

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Change of land use

We own several agricultural properties where we have converted land to almond orchards and we expect to continue to acquire properties as opportunities arise.

Acquisition strategy

Acquisition of irrigation land in the Murray-Darling Basin is integral for the long-term viability of the business. We are focused on identifying greenfield development opportunities with secure water access, appropriate soil, climate and located near a stable workforce enabling a profitable enterprise and generating a positive cash flow.