Priority Topics

Water Management & Stewardship

The effective management of existing processes and systems to ensure the efficient use and consistent supply of water across all sites.

Environmental Impact

Environmental management systems to effectively identify and manage our environmental impact include carbon emissions, change of land use and chemical management.

Occupational Health & Safety

Select Harvests' policies and management systems to ensure the workplace health and safety of employees and contractors.

Financial Performance and Business Strategy

Sustainable organisational growth strategy that prioritises our almond base optimisation, brand, geographic and category expansion, enduring customer relations and the efficient use of resources to maximise corporate value for our stakeholders.

Climate Change

Recognising the impacts of climate change on our business in our strategic and operational planning.

Labour Practices, Human Rights, Anti-Corruption, Ethics and  Integrity

Ensuring that the organisation, our supply chain & customers, engage in fair & ethical practices across all operations and geographie.

Food Safety, Product Labelling and Quality

Traceability, quality and labelling. It goes beyond product safety and compliance, linking to being a leader in the supply of 'Better for You' plant-based foods.