Select Harvests corporate governance policies

The company has implemented procedures to comply with the ASX principles of Corporate Governance and these are disclosed in the company’s 2021 Corporate Governance Statement. Details of the charters that guide the board and its committees are below.

Board Charter
Nomination Committee Charter
Audit and Risk Committee Charter
Remuneration & Sustainability Committee Charter
Board Education and Training Policy

Further company policies:

Share Trading Policy
WH&S Policy
WH&S Policy Statement
Inclusion and Diversity Policy 2020
SHV Code of Conduct 2021
SHV Market Disclosure Policy
SHV Environment and Sustainability Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Fraud, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
SHV Modern Slavery Statement
Ethical Sourcing Policy

External Auditor Independence Policy

Select Harvests Environmental Statement

We recognise our responsibility to operate sustainably, investing in development and implementation of practical, innovative strategies to produce food efficiently, whilst minimising impacts and seeking to enhance the environment in which we operate.

Select Harvests Environmental Statement

SHV Workplace Gender Equality Report 2020

SHV Workplace Gender Equality Report 2020

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SHV Workplace Gender Equality Report 2020

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SHV Board Skills Matrix