Direct Economic Contribution

Our success as a business is determined not only by our financial performance, but by the number of staff we employ, the suppliers whose businesses we support and the social and economic outcomes in our local communities.

Our orchards and major processing facilities are in regional Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. In all these areas, we positively impact local and regional economies and contribute to their economic development in areas as local procurement and employment, investment in programs and projects that benefit these local communities. We also contribute on a broader scale, these include taxes and other payments to governments at local, state and federal level.

Financial Performance

We strive to keep improving the efficiency of our operations as our financial performance underpins the viability of our business and allows us to deliver value to all out stakeholders.

On many fronts, FY2020 was a positive year and led to the delivery of a strong profit result and greater operational efficiencies. A Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) of $25.0 million, Earnings per Share (EPS) of 26 cents per share (CPS), and a very strong operating cash flow of $13.3 million. Our multi-year greenfield development strategy is significantly contributing to the increase in almond volume growth.

Historical Summary

There is an increasing demand for healthy food globally. As a grower and marketer of plant-based food products, Select Harvests is well positioned to help meet this growing demand.

Our strategic goals and objectives have been set with a long-term lens as we operate in an industry that requires commitment over the 25 to 30-year life cycle of an almond orchard.

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